Precious Stones Ministries partners with pastors and local churches in the United States and internationally through Spiritual Life Conferences, combining Christ-Centered preaching with Christ-Life counseling. These unique  and spiritually refreshing conferences feature Sunday and weeknight revival services, a thematic counseling training seminar, and uplifting special music. Conferences can be customized in a 2-5 day format and are designed to encourage believers forward in a life of fellowship with Christ and fruitfulness in His service.

Saturday & Sunday

All-day Counseling Seminar on Saturday & Revival Services on Sunday

Sunday – Wednesday

Sunday Revival Services with a Counseling Seminar Monday through Wednesday evenings

Saturday – Wednesday

All-day Counseling Seminar on Saturday with Revival Services Sunday through Wednesday


Do you feel spiritually stuck? You know a lot about God, but somehow there seems to be a discrepancy between what you know and how you live. Perhaps you’ve found yourself somewhat complacent…content with “how things are” with no real vision for change or spiritual progress. God desires His children to always be moving forward spiritually. Satan, the world, and our own flesh fights ruthlessly to subvert and derail God’s best in our lives. Trials, temptations, and obstacles of all shapes and sizes threaten to hinder forward progress. Yet, God is wanting to use these same “hindrances” to strengthen our faith and deepen our walk with Him. The reality is we are either moving forward or falling back. There is no middle ground.

God graciously invites us to experience His presence in a real and personal way such that His power can flow through us to enable us to overcome what otherwise threatens to turn us out of the way. The only way forward is with God. As we learn to live in the reality of God’s presence and depend on His enabling power through a meaningful abiding relationship with Christ marked by faith-filled surrender and obedience, we are able to experience the fellowship and fruitfulness God intended. It is possible to get “unstuck” spiritually!  

Forward with God explores these transformational Bible truths through Sunday & weeknight revival meetings and incorporates a one-day counseling seminar that emphasizes the following thematic topics: 

  • Forward in the Love of God: Experiencing the God Who Cares
  • Forward in Truth: Casting Down Strongholds
  • Forward in Forgiveness: Transforming Pain
  • Forward in Trust: Transforming Anxiety
  • Forward in Prayer: Living a Life of Miracles


Many believers around us are plagued by past wounds, secret guilt, nagging shame, and paralyzing fear, finding themselves vulnerable to addictive behaviors, chronic health issues, and suicidal thoughts. The need of the hour is learning how to effectively lead others beyond behavior modification, new coping mechanisms, acceptance-driven performance, and religious compensation, to lasting change that is found in a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Counseling for Life Change is an introduction to Christ Life Counseling, integrating Sunday & weeknight revival meetings with a one-day counseling seminar that focuses on biblical counseling philosophy.  This instructional revival conference exalts the sufficiency of the Word for every need and provides a foundational framework on how to lead others from presenting conflicts to lasting freedom from root issues. Featured topics include:

  • The Ministry of Hope in a World of Pain
  • Counseling Beyond Behavior Modification
  • The Sufficiency of the Bible in Counseling
  • Key Elements of Effective Soul Care
  • Counseling from Openness to Brokenness
  • Navigating Clinical Diagnosis
  • Restoring Those in Sexual Bondage


Some of Satan’s most deadly weapons against the life of the believer are anger, fear, and depression. He delights in fixating our attention on the injustices of the past, the impossibilities of the present, and the uncertainties of the future, so as to distort our view of God, paralyze our faith, and lead us to the precipice of self-destruction. But our lives are not the victim of misfortune or happenstance, but the masterpiece of divine Providence and Omnipotence molded in the furnace of trials and difficulties. 

The greatest miracle God wants to do in our lives is not the miracle of deliverance from conflict and pain, but the discovery of Jesus in the midst of our storm. In the shadows of despair and the tempests of the soul, the God of All Hope implores, “Be still and know that I am God.”

Be Still & Know combines Sunday and weeknight revival meetings with a one-day counseling seminar that explores common root causes of plaguing anger, fear, and depression, and provides a biblical pathway out of the shackles of despair to bold confidence in appropriating the Word of God to every crisis.

  • Signs and Causes of an Angry Spirit
  • Keys to Transforming Conflict
  • Common Causes of Plaguing Anxiety
  • Stablizing Truths for an Anxious Soul
  • Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Causes of Depression
  • Experiencing the God of all Hope

Host a Conference

If you would be interested in hosting a Spiritual Life Conference , please contact Evangelist Mark Visser at 317.525.9664 or email We would be delighted to partner with your ministry.