The Institute for Christ Life Counseling (ICLC) is the training arm of Precious Stones Biblical Counseling Ministries. The ICLC first began in 2020 with the goal of equipping pastors, ministry leaders, and those with a heart for biblical counseling in an intensive workshop format. Many believers around us are plagued by past wounds, secret guilt, nagging shame, and paralyzing fear, finding themselves vulnerable to addictive behaviors, chronic health issues, and suicidal tendencies. The reality is that many ministry leaders and personal workers find themselves overwhelmed by and unequipped for the responsibility of providing spiritual help to those in crisis.

In a culture that is ever broadening the criteria of mental health diagnoses and pushing people to humanistic psychology and psychiatric medication as the answer, ICLC was established with a vision to help reclaim the ministry of Biblical soul care in the local church. The need of the hour is learning how to effectively lead others beyond behavior modification, new coping mechanisms, acceptance-driven performance, and religious compensation, to lasting change and spiritual traction through the transforming power of Christ. 

The ICLC is formatted as an annual 3-day training event with approximately 10-15 sessions, designed to provide you with the tools to impact lives in the sphere God has called you to serve. The ICLC is designed to be both academically intensive and purposefully practical. Every annual ICLC training module features a different counseling theme to provide a well-rounded exposure to how to navigate a variety of crises.

Ron Visser is the keynote instructor of the ICLC, and comes with 19 years of experience helping hurting people find freedom in Christ. Ron Visser completed a three-year residential internship with the Indiana Biblical Counseling Center in Fishers, Indiana, in 2008, and assists churches and mission boards with crises counseling needs through the ministry of PreciousStones Biblical Counseling Ministries.

We invite you to join us for this year’s ICLC training module. This year’s theme is an Introduction to Christ Life Counseling, and is a foundational starting point for those interested in biblical counseling. Details for this training module can be found below.

Overview of Christian Counseling Methods

Distinctives of Christ Life Counseling

Confessions of American Psychiatry

Understanding the Interrelationship of Spirit, Soul, and Body

How to Counsel Beyond Behavior Modification and Psychiatric Medications

How to Minister Hope in a World of Crises

Keys to Using Questions Effectively

Keys to Navigating Clinical Diagnoses as a Biblical Counselor

How to Facilitate an Effective Counseling Session

The Relevance and Power of the Word in the Ministry of Counseling

How to Your Bible Effectively in Counseling

How to Counsel from Openness to Brokenness

How to Use Life History Mapping to Inspire Spiritual Traction

The Centrality of the Local Church in the Ministry of Counseling