Spiritual Life Conferences

What is a Spiritual Life Conference?

Great for church-wide audiences and likeminded area churches, a Spiritual Life conference combines Christ-centered preaching with practical, Christ-life counseling themes in a 2-5 day format. Evangelist Mark Visser is an ordained preacher while Ron Visser brings a skilled counseling perspective to applying Bible truths to everyday life and relationships. These conference feature Sunday and weeknight revival services, a thematic one-day counseling seminar, and special music.

What is a typical conference schedule?

We recommend one of the following three schedule formats for a revival conference. The schedule you choose depends on how you believe God wants to work in your specific church and community context.

  • Saturday – Sunday – all-day counseling seminar on Saturday & revival services on Sunday
  • Sunday – Wednesday – Sunday revival services & counseling seminar topics Monday through Wednesday evenings
  • Saturday – Wednesday – all-day counseling seminar on Saturday & revival services Sunday through Wednesday
What Spiritual Life conference themes are offered?

We offer a variety of conference themes including:

  • Forward with God – living in in the reality of an abiding relationship with Christ
  • Counseling for Life Change – understanding the sufficiency of the Bible to resolve “root”issues, not just “fruit” issues. 
  • Be Still & Know – transforming anger, fear, and depression
What is the difference between a Spiritual Life conference and a counseling training seminar?
  • Spiritual Life Conferences – designed to encourage and equip the entire church family for victorious, fruitful living
  • ICLC Training Seminars – specifically geared toward providing intensive Biblical counseling training for church staff, ministry leaders, Bible study teachers, and Christian workers
What counseling materials are offered?

A customized workbook provides a helpful overview of the counseling topics presented during the conference. Printing these workbooks can be facilitated by Precious Stones or the host church.

Counseling Training Seminars

What is a Counseling Training Seminar?

The Institute for Christ-Life Counseling (ICLC) is the training arm of Precious Stones Ministries and offers 3-day intensive seminars on key counseling topics. These seminars are designed to equip counselors for the local church by providing practical Biblical tools for effective soul care. We encourage host churches to invite ministry leaders and Christian workers from likeminded area churches for these informative, interactive modules.

What counseling training modules are offered?

We currently offer four topical modules:

  • Biblical Counseling Foundations – an in-depth introduction to counseling through a Biblical framework
  • Passion for Purity – counseling sexual addictions; ministering to the sexual abused; rebuilding trust in marriages
  • Be Still & Know – tracing tracing root causes and applying Biblical remedies to fear, anger, and depression
  • Ministry of Reconciliation – keys to winning an adversary; restoring a broken marriage; rescuing troubled young people; the priority of mercy and truth in reconciliation

Learn more about these modules here.

Does the seminar come with a workbook?

Each counseling training seminar is accompanied by an in-depth seminar workbook ranging from 150 to 200 pages. The cost of these workbooks are included in a conference registration fee. Printing these full-color workbooks can be facilitated by Precious Stones or the host church.

Who should attend the counseling training seminars?

Anyone who has a heart to help people move forward in their walk with God is welcome to attend. These training seminars are specifically geared toward equipping pastors, ministry leaders, Bible study teachers, Christian school teachers, and workers in all spheres of ministry with practical Bible tools for effective discipleship.

What are the expectations for a host church?

If you are interested in hosting a counseling seminar at your church, here a few things to keep in mind:

  • Registration. In-depth counseling workbooks are provided for each seminar attendee. To facilitate printing a sufficient number of books, we ask the host church to provide a pre-count of seminar attendees from their church. We also use online registration to anticipate the number of outside guests who may attend. A registration fee can be used to offset the cost of the seminar.
  • Meals/Snacks. Training seminars include lunches and snacks for each day. Precious Stones provides the option of catering lunches and providing snacks, or a host church can choose to facilitate this on its own.
  • Setup. We encourage setting up an appropriate size meeting room with rows of tables and chairs to provide a format where attendees can take notes easily and engage in interactive discussion.
  • Invitations. While a church may choose to limit the counseling seminar to its own staff or membership, counseling training seminars are a great opportunity to invite area ministry leaders and Christian workers to participate. Promotional materials can be made available for this purpose. 

General Information

Do you provide special music?

Yes, we offer an uplifting selection of conservative, Christ-honoring sacred hymns to complement the revival services and counseling seminars:

  • Congregational and/or Choral Directing (Ron Visser Sr.)
  • Evangelistic Piano Accompaniment (Cindy Visser)
  • Inspiring Vocal & Instrumental Hymn Selections (Visser Family)
Do you have a resource table?

Yes, we offer a variety of devotional helps, revival classics, counseling resources, and discipleship tools to complement the respective conference theme. These books are sold “at cost.” Precious Stones does not make any profit on book sales.

What promotional materials are available?

Both free & printed promotional materials are customized for all conferences & training seminars.

  • Free resources – Announcement Slides & Web graphics
  • Printed materials – Church Posters and Bulletin Inserts

Professional, full-color printed materials can be made available at an economy cost. Printing can be facilitated by Precious Stones Ministries or the host church as desired.

What lodging accommodations are needed?

One hotel room with 2 queen beds and a sofa bed is sufficient for our family of five. Or, if there is an empty parsonage or mission house at or near the host church, we welcome this option as well.

Hosting a Conference

Who can host a conference?

We coordinate with pastors to host revival conferences and counseling training seminars in local churches both in the U.S. and internationally. If you are a pastor or ministry leader and would like to host a conference in your church, please contact Evangelist Mark Visser at 317.525.9664 or info@preciousstonesministries.org.

What costs are associated with hosting a conference?

We operate on a love-offering basis, much the same as a traveling evangelistic team. Expenses include printing costs (i.e. seminar workbooks & printed promotional materials), travel, meals, and lodging accommodations for five adults. Pastors can choose the option of a registration fee for counseling seminar attendees instead of a love offering to cover the cost of seminar workbooks and catered lunches (if applicable).

Do you minister internationally?

Yes. The Lord has opened opportunities to travel to Canada and overseas to host revival conferences and counseling training seminars. International trips increase our travel expenses substantially, but we believe God pays for what He orders. Precious Stones Ministries is grateful for the financial support of individuals and churches to help defray the cost of mission trips abroad.

How can I support Precious Stones Ministries?

We praise the Lord for raising up fellow laborers to partner with us through prayer and financial support. We are a faith-based ministry, and your giving allows us to minister in more churches and to more families and individuals. If you would like to give to support Precious Stones Ministries, you may do so online by clicking here or by mailing a check to the address below. Please make checks payable to Precious Stones Ministries. Thank you for partnering with us!

Mailing Address:
Precious Stones Ministries
9719 N. Summer Ridge Lane
Mooresville, IN 46158

I am interested in hosting a conference…where do I start?

If you would like to host a conference or simply have additional questions, please contact Evangelist Mark Visser at 317.525.9664 or info@preciousstonesministries.org. We would count it a privilege to partner with you in ministry!

Host a Conference

If your church would be interested in hosting a counseling seminar or revival meetings at your church, please contact Evangelist Mark Visser at 317.525.9664 or email mark@preciousstonesministries.org. We would be delighted to partner with your ministry.